Sinbosen FP22000Q 4650 Вт 4 канала самый мощный профессиональный усилитель мощности для 21-дюймового сабвуфера

Sinbosen домашний кинотеатр ktv караоке-усилитель 450 ватт 2 канала S450 микрофонный усилитель эффектор

Предмет №: S450
Модель: FP22000Q Канал: 4-канальный усилитель мощности Выходная мощность: 8 Ом Мощность стерео (RMS): 2500 Вт 4CH 4 Ом Мощность стерео (RMS): 4650 Вт 4CH Класс: TD Сертификация: CE, ROHS, TUV Гарантия: 3 года. предлагаемая услуга

Amplifier S450
Output Power 1 KHz, <0.05%THD 8Ω/Stereo    2CHX450W
Channels 2 channels amplifier.
Feature Built-in microphone, power amplifier and effector in one.
Effect A power amplifier with KTV/home theater effects.
Suitable for It is used in home theater, KTV, Karaoke, family gatherings, etc.

S-450 Power Amplifier

◆HDMI 2.0, 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output (optional accessory).
◆Built-in two high-end wireless microphones (optional accessories).
◆1 digital optical fiber input interface.
◆2 sets of analog stereo input interface (VOD, DVD).
◆2 external microphone input interface.
◆Built-in 5.0 Bluetooth lossless player and MP3 playback interface.
◆USB tuning software control interface .
◆Two-channel speaker output interface.

Touch screen display, easy to operate
Touch screen display, Chinese and English languages can be selected; users can directly operate the menu on the touch screen, which is simple and convenient.

Built-in microphone, power amplifier and effector in one.
An intelligent product with built-in wireless microphone (optional) and power amplifier; with professional karaoke effect.

Natural voice

The dual karaoke chip makes the audio staggered and out of sync, effectively preventing howling noise and other problems, making the sound effect deep and full, close to natural human voice.

1. Music, microphone, effect power-on volume setting and maximum volume lock function, one-key restore to factory settings.
2. The high-quality circuit board uses micro-control technology, and the service life is longer than that of the ordinary substrate.
3. The power amplifier supports MP3 playback. You can download your favorite songs in advance and you can listen to them at any time.
4. Eight built-in fields are optional.
5. ARC audio signal return function.

Support USB tuning software control interface.
High fidelity, high dynamic power amplifier, super stability, full power.





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