15-дюймовый 2-сторонний низкочастотный коаксиальный диктор системы монитора этапа
Сценический монитор-динамик

15-дюймовый 2-сторонний низкочастотный коаксиальный диктор системы монитора этапа

Предмет №: XT15
Max SPL: 138 dB
Bandwidth: 55 Hz- 20 KHz
Transducers: LF 15" , HF 3"
Weight: 21 kg / 46 lb
Directivity:  H: 60° V: 40°
XT15 HIQ 2 way stage monitor system coaxial speaker  
Usable bandwidth (-10 dB) 55 Hz – 20 kHz
Maximum SPL 138 dB
Nominal directivity (-6 dB) Vertical: 60° symmetric
horizontal: 40° symmetric
Monitor angle Without risers: 35°
with risers: 55°
Transducers LF: 1 × 15″ cone driver
HF: 1 × 3″ diaphragm compression driver, neodymium
Acoustical load Load bass-reflex
 laminar venting technology
ellipsoidal waveguide
Nominal impedance LF: 8 Ω
HF: 8 Ω
Connectors IN: 1 × 4-point speakON
LINK: 1 × 4-point speakON
Rigging and handling 2 handles
5 threaded inserts
2 × 35 mm pole sockets
Weight (net) 21 kg / 46.3 lb
Cabinet FIrst grade Russian birch plywood
Front Steel with anti-corrosion coating
acoustically neutral 3D fabric
Finish Dark grey brown

► Laminar Ventilation Technology is a progressive ventilation design that greatly reduces turbulent noise, thereby increasing output capacity.
► Strong vocal impact with high immunity to feedback
► Controlled H. and V. directivity with ellipsoidal waveguide.By providing a distinct coverage angle for both vertical and horizontal dimensions, it extends the versatility of the enclosures, as well as improving control over the reverberant field.
► Clear low-frequency power with the laminar venting technology
► XT15 HiQ features four runners on the bottom to protect the enclosure.
► XT15 HiQ features risers that allow to change the monitor angle from 35°to 55°relative to the vertical.
► XT15 HiQ can be fitted with a short U-bracket or a long U-bracket. The brackets are secured in the enclosure inserts with two threaded knobs. 
► And The threaded knobs feature a washer as a safety to avoid the accidental loosening of the knob.
► U-bracket or Fasteners can be used for flying,wall-mounting,ceiling-mounting.


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