Зачем микрофонам нужна защита от брызг?

Зачем микрофонам нужна защита от брызг?

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: 2022-06-30 17:13:54
Why do microphones need a spray guard?  
When recording, especially vocals, air is often sprayed onto the microphone. In this way, the recorded sound will have an obvious squeezing sound head, which adds trouble to the post-processing. In front of the microphone for recording vocals, place a professional spray guard, it can effectively cancel out the pop noise.
The blowout prevention net mainly offsets the airflow of the blasting sound. The airflow of the blasting sound can be considered as a gas that moves in one direction. When it hits the diaphragm, it will produce a larger displacement of the diaphragm, which will generate a very loud input signal. Ordinary sound is a longitudinal wave of reciprocating vibration, which is far less loud than plosive sound on the input signal.

01. The principle of the spray guard  
When we are recording, if we just use the microphone without the spray guard, we will inevitably encounter the problem of "broken sound". The spray guard is an effective tool to avoid "broken sound", and at the same time, it can protect the microphone to a certain extent. First of all, when a person makes a sound, they will first inhale air, and then add and tighten their vocal cords to control their breathing. The exhaled air hits the vocal cords, causing vibrations to produce sound.For example, when syllables such as "P", "T" are pronounced, the exhaled airflow will directly touch the diaphragm of the microphone capsule. If the airflow is too large, it will cause a "broken sound" problem, and the use of the spray guard can change the airflow. direction. This will not directly touch the capsule diaphragm, and will not produce distorted "sounds".

02. How to effectively avoid "broken sound"?  
Whether you're recording at home or in a professional studio, you need to avoid "broken sound." Using a spray guard and adjusting the position of the microphone are currently the two most common ways to avoid "broken sound" during the recording phase.

03. How to find the right spray guard for you?  
There are various types ofspray guard on the market now. Common spray guard materials include sponge material, silk fabric material and metal material. So how do you find the one that suits you? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these three common spray guard materials.

enlightenedSponge pop shield
Sponge pop shied is determined by the density of the sponge.
If the density of the sponge is too high, the high frequency of the sound will be lost.
The price is usually less than 1-3 US dollars.
It is suitable for places with more open environment, more dust particles and not high requirements on sound.
Such as karaoke, KTV, dance halls, conference rooms,
news interviews, stage performances and other public places.

enlightenedThe spray guard made of silk cloth
The spray guard made of silk cloth,
because the hardness of the silk cloth itself is not enough,
the effective effect can only be achieved by making the silk thread very tight,
but this will lead to the problem of loss of high frequency sound.
In addition, the silk fabric is very fragile and easily damaged.
Prices are usually between $5-$30.
If you need to record some songs/dubbing,
you need a certain blowout effect but the budget is not high,
you can choose a spray guard made of silk cloth.

enlightenedMetal spray guard
The metal spray guard uses a stretching process to change the shape of the mesh,
which can change the direction of the airflow without affecting the sound quality.
Prices usually range from $50 to $500.
If you have the budget and have high requirements for blowout protection and sound effects,
then you can consider it.

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