Усилитель мощности работает 30 минут и потом загорается красная лампочка? Почему?

Усилитель мощности работает 30 минут и потом загорается красная лампочка? Почему?

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: 2023-02-13 15:59:44

Recently, a customer asked why his power amplifier, which had been in normal use for 4 years, turned on after 30 minutes of work.

it was working fine for 30 minutes. Then it went mute. They turned down the volume and turned off the amp then turned it back on and it was on mute. And it’s still on mute.What would cause this?

Based on his video and description, we already have a rough guess about the cause of the power amplifier problem:
The 2 big fans is damagedSo the heatsink system is not good.So after 30 minutes the mute turn on red.The red light of the power amplifier here is because of the temperature protection mechanism of the Sinbosen power amplifier.

This is caused by poor heat dissipation. The solution is as follows

enlightened1. Replace the broken fan
enlightened2. Clean up the dust and clean the dust filter. For dust filter cleaning video, please refer to the link:

We suggest that customers pay attention to the daily maintenance of the power amplifier. It can prolong the service life of the power amplifier and reduce unnecessary maintenance troubles.

1. The placement of the power amplifier.
There is a bar customer whose power amplifier has been returned to the factory for repair several times. We were very puzzled. How did it break? So we asked him to take a picture of the working environment of the power amplifier, and found that this customer put the power amplifier product near the drinking water area for convenience, and often encountered beverages, which caused the product to fail.
Suggestion: The power amplifier should be placed in a ventilated, cool, dry, and clean place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from liquids, such as drinks and vases.

2. Heat dissipation is the most important!
A user complained that the power amplifier was not easy to use, and finally found out that the user put the power amplifier products directly on the carpet, stacking them one on top of the other. Basically he didn't consider the problem of heat dissipation, which caused the power amplifier to go on strike at a critical moment.
Suggestion: In order to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation of the product, 30CM cooling space should be reserved on the top of the power amplifier, and 20CM space should be reserved on the left, right, front and rear sides.

3. Correct switching power amplifier method
Many users randomly switch power amps. In fact, if they don't pay attention to the inrush current and high power at the moment of switching, it is likely to cause damage to the speaker.
Suggestion: Before switching the audio power supply, turn the volume potentiometer of the power amplifier to the minimum, which is the most effective protection measure for the power amplifier and speakers. At this time, the power amplification of the power amplifier is almost zero, at least it will not cause damage to the speaker during misoperation.

4. Timing boot.
Some users put the sound reinforcement system products in the warehouse when the building was closed for renovation, and they were useless for several months. Turns out they took it out after refurbishment and found it to be faulty.
Suggestion: In the case of long-term non-use, especially in humid and high-temperature seasons, it is best to turn on the machine for half an hour every day, and use the heat generated by the components in the machine to remove moisture and avoid damp and moldy phenomena.
5. Regular dust removal
The power amplifier uses forced air cooling, so it will inevitably accumulate dust after a long time. If there is too much dust, it will have a lot of impact on the performance of the machine.
Suggestion: Wipe the surface of the device with a clean, damp, soft cotton cloth at regular intervals. When not in use, use a dust cover or cover cloth to cover the machine and equipment tightly to prevent dust from entering.Regularly use high-pressure air from the compressor to remove the dust from the dust filter of the power amplifier and the inside of the chassis.


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